Home Additions In New Orleans

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Common reasons for a home addition

We have already discussed how buying a new home in the current economy can be ridiculous, so why not add square footage and remodel your current home instead? By adding square footage you also significantly improve the value of your current home?

Renovating your home can be overwhelming, but we take the worry out of the entire experience. We help you through the planning and construction phase of the project.

If you are still unsure whether you want a home addition, here are our thoughts. You might choose to add on if...

  • Your home is over 30 years old.
    • Homes over 25 years old will seem cramped and small compared to newer open floorplans.
  • Your space no longer serves your needs for your growing family.
    • If you have noticed your home seems to be closing in on you, it may be because you have outgrown the space and need some more room with a fresh new look.
  • You would don't want a new home but need more space for your growing family.
    • Like anything in life, things change, including your taste in design, layout, and, yes, even family size.

If your home falls into any of these categories, call us at 504-446-3271 or connect with us here to set up your free quote.

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